Invaders from Earth: Invasive Amphibian and Reptile Species

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Age : 8 - 12 years
Series: invadersfromearth
No pf Pages: 32 pages
Publisher: Aries Books International. (January 1
Language: English
Copyright: 2021
Graphics: Full Color Photographs

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Reptiles and amphibians can be scaly, slimy, creepy, and crawly—and some can also be invasive! This engaging text illuminates the world of invasive reptile and amphibian species, introducing readers to the important concept of ecosystems and the balance that keeps them successful. Readers learn how brown tree snakes, bullfrogs, tegu lizards, and more can invade an area, claim it as theirs, and grow their species at the expense of the native creatures living there. By the end of this text, readers will be able to identify several of the world’s scaliest and slimiest invaders!

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