About Us

Little Prodigy Books, founded in 2019, is a division of Aries Books International Group, headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. With over 500 titles in print, little Prodigy Books is the largest distributer of English language children's books and periodicals, creating 50-70 new, high quality children’s titles each year. The leading print publisher of reference products and operator of direct-to-home book clubs for children.

Little Prodigy Books & Services sells and distributes high-quality children’s books & E-books from renowned publishing partners through all major sales channels. Little Prodigy Books offers close to 500 eBooks: Carefully curated list of the finest books for young readers for the age group 3-15 years, who can be benefitted by reading endlessly from our website. As you stay safe indoors, now is the time to discover a great book – one that will educate, inform, inspire, comfort or simply help you to escape. At Little Prodigy Books, we offer a wealth of brilliant and bestselling books to meet every need for children.

We believe learning never ends. It’s a constant process, a result of interacting with the world around you. You engage in learning and the more you know; the more knowledge will reward you by opening your eyes and your mind. We strive to do just that for our readers and customers.

Found in classrooms, libraries, and homes, our inventive and engaging titles meet the diverse needs of Children avid readers, helping them to achieve and succeed.

From the building blocks of literacy, to picture books filled with humor, to entertaining graphic skilled library e books, Little Prodigy Books Group imprints both empower and entertain. We bring together authors, illustrators, photographers, and educators to ensure that each book we create is age appropriate and meets curriculum standards.

What We Are Offering

There is precious little time today to adequately prepare kids for the demands they will face tomorrow. Every moment-and every resource-in your library needs to count. Little Prodigy books specializes in 21st Century Skills-Library books that are habitual and are essential in our daily lives for things that are invented and learnt in the 21st century. The books comprise of close to 500 titles of 30 different skill- as-a library series for children for the age group of 3-15.We have built the most essential resources that prepare young readers for the future by igniting their imaginations today.

We understand that you want the best possible future for your child in every possible way. We think the same and invite you to investigate the unique strengths and opportunities that are offered in this exciting new resource. We think these 500 titles will see the value right away. Check our list of series and description below for more transparency.

Little Prodigy E- Book Reader

We are now living in a digital world where people are increasingly choosing to download their music tracks and movies directly from the web rather than purchase them the traditional way in bricks and mortar stores. Little Prodigy E- Book reader is powered by Real 3d FlipBook Reader where reading is made simple for children and adults.

It works On Any Device.

Little Prodigy E- Books will work on any device or operating system.

We are the first service in the world that has a 100% HTML5 flipbook that works on all devices without the need of installing third party software.

It will work on any desktop PC, mobile phone or tablet.

Little Prodigy E- Book Reader


Little Prodigy books has a developed the easiest way to read books using Real Flipbook Technology. Flipbook supports text selection and text search with keyword highlighting.


Look and feel of a native app on mobile with touch swipe and pinch zoom features.


With lightbox mode you can put a text link or an image link anywhere on your site, and by clicking on a link the flipbook will be opened in a lightbox. This way you can have multiple books / magazines / brochures on the same page.


Flipbook layout can be changed based on the device type. Besides the standard double page view, there is a single page view that can be used either on Desktop, Tab or Little Prodigy Books Mobile APP View. Single page view offers better reading experience on smaller screens but still keeps the 3D flipping effect and shadows.


Responsive mode creates a flipbook with optional size that can be put anywhere inside a page or post.


With Fullscreen mode the flipbook will cover the entire page.


Pages can be displayed from right to left for eastern countries.


Fast access, intuitive page turning – Help E-Book Viewing and Reading Easier.


Our Little Prodigy FlipBook is the most realistic audio flipbook solution available, using the sound flipping effects to make children experience book reading even better.


Only current pages are loaded, so Little Prodigy Books works even faster.

Other Features

Realistic 3D page turn animation

Sizable animation speed and transition type

Book rotation in 3D

customizable scene lights

responsive design

optimized for mobile

works on all major platforms

smart page loading

realistic WebGl mode

show all pages – thumbnails

customizable menu

customizable skins

background patterns included

right to left mode for eastern countries

well documented

customisable table of content

advanced zooming support

real fullscreen support

retina friendly icons

customizable menu